Tuesday, May 5, 2009

portable internets that can easily fall into a toilet or lake

Our drummer recently bought an phone that can very easily get onto the internet, and my husband has been very affected by it ever since. Robert now wants one as well and brings it up more and more often. Not one to be swayed by technology, his sudden amorous feelings towards the gadget makes me think deeper about getting one. I don't know much about it, but I know it gets you on the internet, you can get a good view of your emails to keep track of bookings and quick responses. You can also impress your friends with mundane facts about pop culture very quickly and settle even the slightest fueled bar argument.

Davis (who drums with us when he's not touring the country with his other band, The Ghosts Project) uses it to book shows. It was this fact that got Robert's wheels spinning as to how much he wants one. Once Davis said it out loud, it seemed like an immediately good idea. Ever since then it's been internet-phone this and internet-phone that.

I can't deny the effectiveness of it, either. Since the baby wants to stay up with us late, late into the night, it's really easy to get discouraged. By the time she's asleep, we're both ready to crawl into the crib and start snoring. So, to keep momentum, these internet phone-thingys might be the answer for Robert and I. I mean, here it is: a way to infuse your band career with the day-to-day errands. As parents, we are the ones who must adapt to the change we have chosen for our lives. The more we deny that, the more frustrating and discouraging it may become.
So goes the saying: insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

So, how do you tie in to all of this? How do you keep moving forward when life keeps stepping in front of you? ADAPT.
I use my example because it's an obvious one, but there are many time constraints to consider for we unstable musicians. With time always ahead of you, an occasional inventory considering the effectiveness of your routine might be a good suggestion. One example, if you find yourself more and more strapped for time, is to consider adapting with a internet phone jobber.

Also, know thyself and thy routine. Know what time of day is the most effective for you and exploit it like nobody's business. If you're a morning person, get up even earlier to do what needs to get done. Night owl? Utilize your flow to the utmost.

Lastly, as you build the prestige of your band, go easy on yourself. Timelines are not always relevant in this industry. Do the best you can, but understand that anything and nothing is always possible.

It is too easy to criticize ourselves and the work we failed to do because we fell asleep or just wanted to sit on the couch and watch tv after a long, hard day. Go easy on yourself. It's only fair.
Listen: the drive, the creativity, the music will always be there. But, for now, exhale. And, when you are able to: adapt.

Kristen Strezo